March 11, 2012

Nick- My longest friend and my best man.  Nick and I have been friends since childhood, brought together by sports and epic trading card trades.  When I think of our friendship I am amazed that we have been friends for so long, especially since graduating high school we have gone separate ways in life and followed different interest, but we have always been able to maintain our friendship and there is no one I could think of to be my best man.

Eric- I have known this guy for his entire life and there is a reason for that; he is my little brother.  A master of finance and analytics, Eric keeps it real and I am honored that he is a part of our big day.

Tony- One of my best friends, Tony is my fishing buddy, my brewing buddy, and all around great friend.  In the 5 years that we have been friends we have had some great times together with our annual fishing trips and other adventures. 

Dan- AKA “fat ass”.  I met Fatty in the dorms at COCC in Bend and we quickly became great friends.  When I met Dan I never thought he would have accomplished so much is such a short period of time and as he likes to remind me on a regular basis that all it took was a two year degree.  A loyal friend who will do anything for anyone; everyone needs a friend like Dan and I am lucky to call him a friend.

Drew- Drew is another guy that I am proud to call friend and I also feel that everyone needs to have a friend like Drew.  Drew is a fellow Griz who has a great love for tailgating.  Drew is an amazing friend who is always looking out for other and making sure they are having a great time.  When you are with Drew you do not have to look for the party; Drew is the party.    

Justin- When Meghan and I began dating, little did I know I would get an added bonus and that was the friendship of Justin.  Justin is the husband of Meghan’s matron of honor Heidi who is a riot in her own rite.  In the time that Meghan and I have been together Justin and I have had some pretty fun adventures whether it has been going to the race track, football games, or just hanging out.  I am excited to have Justin be a part of my motley crew of friends, as well as to have him be a part of our big day.