Dear so-called fisherman/outdoors-man,

You call yourself a fisherman, a man of the outdoors with your giant tackle box of all the latest do-dads, everything that the man at your local Walmart told you would help you catch-all the fish you would ever want, without any effort.  You pack in a weeks worth of snacks, beer and gear to your favorite fishing hole.  I know this because I see what you leave behind, all of trash, gas station coffee cups, beer cans and my favorite, thousands of a feet of fishing line that you have left there after clearing out the giant birds nest from your reel.

Mother Nature is kind enough to share wonderful beautiful fish like salmon and steelhead; which also happens to be quite tasty, and she herself is amazing.  The clean crisp fresh air, the relaxing sounds of the water rushing by is amazing to be around, and  for me this is all destroyed by you, and your it’s not my problem, someone else will take care of it attitude.  It is not mine or any others responsibility to come in and clean up after you, we are not your parents, you are a grown up and can take care of yourself.

All that I ask is that you have a little respect for Mother Nature, the gifts that she gives us and others you who share the same recreational areas as you; so when you pack it in, please pack it out; is that too much to ask???


Well folks I am the greatest slacker when it comes to writing this Friday blog, as it’s Saturday afternoon, but hey what a  guy to do when I’d rather be fishing.  Anyways here is my Halloween addition of five for Friday.

1.  After checking the internet for the Griz score and finding out they lost, I ask what the F is going on in Missoula???  Mr. Pflugrad I know that you are trying to bring in this fancy spread offense, with a lot of reads on the go, but it really doesn’t work when you don’t have the players for it.  Montana’s been built and is built on smash mouth football, maybe you should utilize your players like Chase Reynolds and play the Griz Football that we have come to know, and as you gradually recruit the players that fit you system; then you can install your version of the spread offense because I have feeling if you keep losing the way you are, you may not be around long enough to see you offense be a success at Washington Grizzly Stadium.  Just a suggestion.

2. Today I finally got to go out salmon fishing my main man “T-bone Sloan”.  While we did not catch any fish today we did see plenty caught by others; some really nice coho.  Our issue today was that we spent the first part of our morning at another river where the fish were not in, so by the time we got to the river that was producing, we got a bad fishing hole that was not producing, but for the first time in a long while we finally came to a river where the salmon were in, so I may have to head out tomorrow morning early and see if I can’t get there in time to get the honey hole, so I can bring home so yummy salmon for my honey.

3.  Another fishing joy for me that I forgot to write about last week was attending my first local chapter of TU meeting, where we talked about nothing but fishing and more fishing, oh yeah and some really big bull trout.  This was a great experience and in the couple of hours I was there I learned so much about a fish I really did not know about.  I cannot wait for the next meeting in month or so.

4.  Yesterday while watching the news, they showed a video of an elderly driving down the freeway, the only problem was that she was on the wrong side of the freeway cruising unknowingly in the fast lane of oncoming traffic, leaving a trail of carnage behind her as people were swerving out-of-the-way crashing into one another, then she calmly exited the freeway driving off as if nothing was wrong with that situation.  This is not the only situation we have with elderly drivers, where they are driving down the wrong side of the road, driving through the front of banks, restaurants and other public and private domains.  When the conversation comes up about requiring drivers test for the elderly, people are afraid to discuss the topic because they fear taking the freedom and/or right to drive from them, but driving is not a right, it is a privilege and when you are not physically and/or mentally able to drive then you lose that privilege.  The DMV should require mandatory test for everyone after a certain age, this shouldn’t be a question, and it shouldn’t be up to the family to decide when their elder members of their family are no longer capable of driving.  We all love our grandparents/parents and elder members of our families, we just need them to be safe on the roads so that they do endanger themselves or others.

5.  Opening season for the Blazers has begun and it looks we are going to have a good one.  I am really looking forward to Greg Oden coming back from his latest injury and finally show the league why he was the number one draft pick three years ago.  So far the team is 3-0 on the season with some hard-fought victories so far on tough start to the season.  The tough part of the start of the season was losing Jeff Pendergraph to injury and then the team releasing him; I am hopeful that once he is healthy they resign him as he is a good hard nose player who brings a lot of positive energy to team.  Get Well Soon Jeff.  May the Blazers take out the Lakers this year and finally bring home a title to the greatest NBA franchise in history. (I’m such a homer)

Go Blazers, Griz pull your head our of you backside, both Oregon and Oregon State are looking tough, lets send Oregon to National title game, and the Beav’s to the Rose Bowl.  Till next week, I’m out……

Another glorious week has gone by and it is time for some Five for Friday, maybe a little late as I was a sleepy guy last night.

1: Last Saturday I attended the Montana V. PSU game, naturally Montana won.  Some thoughts about the game, first PSU needs to figure it out when they are hosting a game that involve Montana and that is Montana travels well, so you need to have the amenities to support the crowd.   Such as more than two beer lines , at one point they ran out of keg cups. They also needed to bring in some porta- potties as the two restrooms was not enough to handle the crowd; often the beer lines and restroom lines would connect.   Hopefully one year they will figure it out.  The other thought is that it is always fun to see more Montana fans at an away game then home fans, I feel bad for the PSU fans when their stadium is over run by ravaged grizzly fans looks for their beer and a dominate Griz victory.  Come on PSU fan you are the largest university in Oregon, it’s about time you show it.

2.  To go along with last week thoughts about this election, I cannot wait for this election to end.  I’m done with all the negative ads on TV and in my mailbox.  What I want to see for Oregon is some true leadership, and real plan for Oregon to succeed and get out of this economical funk.  Oregon is a wonderful state, and has a great deal to offer those who live here as well as visit, but our local government makes it difficult for us to see that sometimes.  It is time for some new blood in our local government and not the same old retread, spewing the same old garbage.

3.  I’m bummed that I am missing Mike’s visit to Missoula; I miss that guy and know it would have been a great time.  I need to plan  a visit this summer a see what guyaaa’s up to in my personal Disneyland called North Carolina.  Guy I hope you are have a great time in the Zoo and I wish I could be there having a PBR with ya.

4.  This week I had to turn the sports talk radio off, as I cannot handle the ignorant sports callers and their front running style.  What killed my this week was a caller stating that “Oregon State needs to pay their dues before they can enjoy the success that Oregon is having”.  Really Oregon State’s football fans have paid more than their fair share, enduring years of struggling season and heartbreak.  I am happy to see both teams enjoying some success, and it great for Oregon to get the national recognition as they have a great football team this season, their fans just need to think before they speak.

5.  Last night we ate at the 4th Street Brewery in downtown Gresham.  I highly recommend this place as the food was good and the beer was better.  It is nice to see a place with an excellent atmosphere, and some class in Gresham, as over the years I feel Gresham has really gone down hill.  Definitely worth checking out and I will be back.

Till next week GO Griz!!!!