Dear so called fisherman…..

October 31, 2010

Dear so-called fisherman/outdoors-man,

You call yourself a fisherman, a man of the outdoors with your giant tackle box of all the latest do-dads, everything that the man at your local Walmart told you would help you catch-all the fish you would ever want, without any effort.  You pack in a weeks worth of snacks, beer and gear to your favorite fishing hole.  I know this because I see what you leave behind, all of trash, gas station coffee cups, beer cans and my favorite, thousands of a feet of fishing line that you have left there after clearing out the giant birds nest from your reel.

Mother Nature is kind enough to share wonderful beautiful fish like salmon and steelhead; which also happens to be quite tasty, and she herself is amazing.  The clean crisp fresh air, the relaxing sounds of the water rushing by is amazing to be around, and  for me this is all destroyed by you, and your it’s not my problem, someone else will take care of it attitude.  It is not mine or any others responsibility to come in and clean up after you, we are not your parents, you are a grown up and can take care of yourself.

All that I ask is that you have a little respect for Mother Nature, the gifts that she gives us and others you who share the same recreational areas as you; so when you pack it in, please pack it out; is that too much to ask???


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