Five for Friday on Saturday Morning….

October 23, 2010

Another glorious week has gone by and it is time for some Five for Friday, maybe a little late as I was a sleepy guy last night.

1: Last Saturday I attended the Montana V. PSU game, naturally Montana won.  Some thoughts about the game, first PSU needs to figure it out when they are hosting a game that involve Montana and that is Montana travels well, so you need to have the amenities to support the crowd.   Such as more than two beer lines , at one point they ran out of keg cups. They also needed to bring in some porta- potties as the two restrooms was not enough to handle the crowd; often the beer lines and restroom lines would connect.   Hopefully one year they will figure it out.  The other thought is that it is always fun to see more Montana fans at an away game then home fans, I feel bad for the PSU fans when their stadium is over run by ravaged grizzly fans looks for their beer and a dominate Griz victory.  Come on PSU fan you are the largest university in Oregon, it’s about time you show it.

2.  To go along with last week thoughts about this election, I cannot wait for this election to end.  I’m done with all the negative ads on TV and in my mailbox.  What I want to see for Oregon is some true leadership, and real plan for Oregon to succeed and get out of this economical funk.  Oregon is a wonderful state, and has a great deal to offer those who live here as well as visit, but our local government makes it difficult for us to see that sometimes.  It is time for some new blood in our local government and not the same old retread, spewing the same old garbage.

3.  I’m bummed that I am missing Mike’s visit to Missoula; I miss that guy and know it would have been a great time.  I need to plan  a visit this summer a see what guyaaa’s up to in my personal Disneyland called North Carolina.  Guy I hope you are have a great time in the Zoo and I wish I could be there having a PBR with ya.

4.  This week I had to turn the sports talk radio off, as I cannot handle the ignorant sports callers and their front running style.  What killed my this week was a caller stating that “Oregon State needs to pay their dues before they can enjoy the success that Oregon is having”.  Really Oregon State’s football fans have paid more than their fair share, enduring years of struggling season and heartbreak.  I am happy to see both teams enjoying some success, and it great for Oregon to get the national recognition as they have a great football team this season, their fans just need to think before they speak.

5.  Last night we ate at the 4th Street Brewery in downtown Gresham.  I highly recommend this place as the food was good and the beer was better.  It is nice to see a place with an excellent atmosphere, and some class in Gresham, as over the years I feel Gresham has really gone down hill.  Definitely worth checking out and I will be back.

Till next week GO Griz!!!!


One Response to “Five for Friday on Saturday Morning….”

  1. Mike Says:


    I am bummed as well. I had a nice visit with your folks. It was an awesome game! You missed a great one brotato. Where the hell is Gresham? I’m anti googlemaps at the moment.

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