Five for Friday….

October 15, 2010

So I figure I will pirate a little bit from Meghan and her “Ten on Tuesday” blog bit, and I will go with “Five for Friday”.  Basically this five things that are on my mind over the week, and probably much longer than that, since I am a slacker when it comes to this.

1: The no stop political ads and propaganda that we are inundated with during election time.  The constant bashing of one another and very little talk about the good.  Can we find a more productive way to earn my vote???  It makes me sad that is what our political system has become.

2:  I just watched “Invictus”  and what a good movie it was.  How inspirational was and is Nelson Mandela.  I definitely need to read up on Nelson and see what I can pick up in leadership.

3:  Yesterday I got confirmation that I sold me first roofing job, and it’s a good one; I am rather pleased with myself, know I need to see if I can do it again.

4:  What is up with the Blazers big men, it seems like every one of them are banged up or severely injured, I hope that this season is not like last with a ton of injuries.

5:  I am proud to see those Griz that have moved up to the NFL rockin’ it on the ESPN highlights every Sunday, what to represent fellas.  I am looking forward to the annual PSU beat down by the Griz, and it seems to always be more fun when we do it at their place even though this year it’s at a high stadium.

Those are my five thought for this Friday, I am sure they will get more in-depth as I go, but until then don’t forget to vote for Monte in the Capital One Bowl.  GO GRIZ!!!!


2 Responses to “Five for Friday….”

  1. Ive had Invictus for about 3 weeks from netflix, i watched the first half with Justin and he started to fall asleep so i stopped it (classic meggie right?) and ive yet to go finish it. I felt the first part of the first half was a little tricky to understand, seemed like a lot of mumbling! BUT, it was just picking up when Justin fell asleep. Oye. BUT I loooove me some Matt Damon. I’m hoping his newest flick directed by clint eastwood is a winner! Okay long enough blog comment. Good day.

  2. Sidenote! Congrats on the roofing sale!

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