The Joys of trout fishing on a fly rod….

May 14, 2010

So after many months of chasing the salmon on steel head with minimal success, trout season finally opened and I went out for some fun.  After spending the last couple of years spin fishing with power bait for trout, I decided it was time to breakout the fly rod and I am glad that I did.

To me there is no comparison between the two, fly fishing is by far more challenging and entertaining.  There is nothing more fun the watching the fish roll and rise on your fly and trying to set the hook, missing and getting them to come back after the fly.

On Monday I headed out to a local lake with my float tube, and leaky waders, which I can tell you it is not very fun to have what it feels like a garden hose of freezing water rushing down your waders.  I spent the morning casting and casting some more having fun catching and missing the fish and it felt nice to feel the tug on the end of my line, something I haven’t felt too much over the fall/winter while fishing for the big guys.  I am happy that it is trout season and can’t wait to head out this weekend for more of the fun.


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