Birthday weekend….

May 9, 2010

Last Friday was my 32nd birthday and what a fun one it was.  It may not have been as wild and exciting as my prior birthday, but non the least it was very fun and enjoyable.

After my day of work, Meghan and I headed down to The Matador on Burnside for some margaritas, fish tacos and good times with  some friends and family.  The Matador has a great selection of high end tequilas, and some excellent fish tacos that I really enjoy.  On a side note, The  Matador does not allow children into their establishment.  After several good margaritas, a few really good shots with my dad and couple of really good fish tacos we moved on to East burn for a some beers and a little music that we were not expecting.

After waking the next morning and feeling like a freight train ran over my head, Meggie and I headed up to Seattle for a fun filled weekend of Super cross and the sites and sounds of downtown.

The main purpose of this trip was my birthday gift from Meggie and that was to go to the Super cross race, which was a blast, I love good racing and despite the poor track conditions the racing was good.  Besides the good racing, the people watching was unreal.  My favorite of the night besides the drunk guy who could not find his seat, was the family of 5 and their dining habits.  My favorite was the single burger for 5.  They would each take a bite and pass it down and back until it was all gone; classic, not to mention with in 5 minutes of sitting down the guy was kind enough to show Meghan his crack; tighten the belt my man, tighten the belt.

Anyways the trip up to Seattle was a great time and I look forward to my next adventure.


One Response to “Birthday weekend….”

  1. Meggie Says:

    I just found the pics of seattle on my camera!!

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