March 22, 2010

My weekend with Meghan doing what we do best, goofing off and having some fun. We started out Friday after work for some happy hour at Casa Del Matador for some fish tacos and margaritas. Which were excellent and I highly recommend them to anyone. The fish is grilled and not fried which is the way they should be. After that we made are way over to the Fox Tower to watch “The Ghost Writer”. Of course Meghan fell asleep 20minutes into the movie, but all in all I really enjoyed the movie and enjoyed a lot of the hidden meaning in the movie. Saturday Meghan and I decided we should enjoy some of this nice early March whether, and head to the coast. Meghan wanted to do some outlet mall shopping so we headed south to Lincoln City. The deal were good at the outlet mall, Meggie made several good purchases and I had the opportunity to stand in line at the Old Navy and listen to a couple of guys talk about slaughtering some pigs. All that bacon chatter made me hungry so after Meggie’s field trip to the outlet mall we went on a mission for some food. We found it at some seafood joint that I don’t remember, and that’s okay because the place was not very memorable. Once we got our grub on we went to the beach, but that was more of a challenge then we thought. Everybody and their grandma was at Lincoln City and finding a place to park was impossible, we ended up going down some residential streets until we found a spot to access the beach.
After some fun on the beach we decided to drive up the coast and hit a couple other spots including Pacific City and of course we had to make our final stop at the Tillamook cheese factory for a tour and some ice cream. Sunday we decided to hit the matinée showing of “Alice in Wonderland” the 3D version. I thought it was a good movie very typical of a Tim Burton movie being dark and weird, but enjoyable. The only thing that got a little old during the movie was the people in the audience doing the euuuhhh and awwwwwe every time something 3D happened. We our weekend with dinner at my folks, which was really good and it is always nice to catch up my parents.


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