What if????

December 17, 2009

During my latest round of being laid off and looking for work I began to look back at my life and wonder if I have made the right decisions in my life or should I have gone in another direction. Was going to college the right move for me or would I have been better off going straight to work and learning the hard way? Or should have I gone into the Navy like the recruiter wanted me to, especially after I aced the test? Should I have stayed in the roofing business after my first lay off or should have I gone into the reverse mortgage market when the opportunity was offered to me? Should have I stayed in Bend, or even Missoula, both places I love immensely?
I look back all the way to my senior year in high school when the Navy recruiter was after me to join the Navy. I was never a good student in school, and this may have been a good option for me. I think about it and the one good thing the military gives you is discipline, which I lacked. I wasn’t really a trouble making kid, but I was a free sprit with not much direction. I was not sure of what I wanted to do, all I knew is that the military was not for me, I felt that it was to structured for a personality like mine, I had no interest in having someone tell me when I could eat, sleep and go to the bathroom. So I passed that up and decided to go to college. I wonder what my life would have been like if I would have joined, where would I be today?
After graduating from college I decided to move to Denver and go to work in the roofing distribution business, I often wonder if that was the right move for me. I left a place that I love, and have many great memories from in Missoula, a place where I spent the early part of my childhood at, where I went back to college and hopefully one day I will return for good. I wonder if I should have stayed in Missoula the place I loved, I always figured you can make a living anywhere you choice to live, it just a matter of figuring it out. Don’t get me wrong, I think moving to Denver was a good move, and great experience.
The choice I question happened when I was down in Denver, when I was offered a job with GAF, and had to move to the middle of nowhere Idaho. I figured this to be a good move for many reasons, one being I was able to move closer to my friends and home in Oregon and Montana. Also I thought this was a great opportunity to go to work for a manufacturer which is usually a good move; little did I know that I was going to get laid off three months later.
After that I had an opportunity to go back to Denver to sale reverse mortgages, which I declined and decided that I wanted to come back to Oregon. I felt like I was missing too much with my friends, plus I really missed the NW. I belong in the NW; they have great outdoors, amazing fishing, wonderful people, and some of the most beautiful scenery.
I moved back to Portland found a job in roofing distribution once again, things were well, until I got laid off again after a couple of months of job searching I had a few job offers. I chose to go to work for a small roofing company, rather than the large commercial concrete company. After getting laid off for the third time I really regret making that decision, I thought I had done my research, asked the right questions, but I was fed some wrong information about the company and the people that ran it. Anyways after working my tail off trying to make this small company into something, I was laid off again as the boss was cutting back on everything and I had become a luxury to everyone, so in order save some money, he eliminated my position, laid me off and the other try and take over all the stuff that I did , well that did not work out so well for him and a couple of months later he sold the company, in one of the great coupes I have ever heard of. The company is on life support and will be out of business before the winter is over. Enough of my rant, I am just a little frustrated by the situation as I would very hard on trying to make something out of nothing and when I finally was starting to make some head way, boom the rug was pulled out from under me. Not to mention the amount of loyalty I showed to the company, I had several opportunities during my time to leave and go to work elsewhere, but chose to stick it out and make it happen.
Anyways here I sit unemployed wonder what is next, I am very happy with many of the choices I have made in my adult life, I live in a wonderful place, many amazing friends, close to my family and one very special girl that I love very much and would not change anything, except being able to get up and go to work for an outstanding company which I know will come one day, hopefully soon.


One Response to “What if????”

  1. MegPie Says:

    You would not have met me!

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