Where did the turkey come from for Thanksgiving…

November 28, 2009

Yesterday on a hike with Meghan we had a conversation about why we have turkey for Thanksgiving and not fish, since the Pilgrims had fish during their Thanksgiving dinner.  Why don’t we eat fish for Thanksgiving, especially since we live in the Pacific Northwest where fish is a prevalent part of our diet.  Why has the turkey become such a large part of the meal, and not foods that are regionally local?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the turkey as much as anyone else, but why has it been pigeon-ed into being the main-coarse of the holiday, why don’t we eat the turkey say for a Sunday dinner with the family, or even during the week?  I know I would enjoy a could turkey dinner in the middle of February or March.

Back to Thanksgiving, what would better than a feast of salmon and steelhead, with a sides crab, and clams, to go along with the usual fixings, of mash potato’s, sweet potato’s and all the organic  vegetables that are grown locally.  This will be what I am going to do next year for my Thanksgiving, No Turkey next year for me.


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